Is human composting legal in California? Your guide to Human Composting in California


A new way of “returning to the earth” has emerged in recent years. Its arrival raises questions, expands possibilities, and offers hope for a more sustainable, life-giving death. It’s known as Terramation, or human composting, and it’s bound to change how many people think about where they go when they die.  Terramation is a relatively […]

How much does a burial plot cost in Los Angeles? A Complete Guide


Understanding the Factors that Influence Burial Plot Costs When it comes to planning the final resting place for a loved one in Los Angeles, one question looms large: “How much does a burial plot cost in Los Angeles?” This seemingly straightforward query carries profound emotional weight and practical significance. It is a question that transcends […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Cremation Services in Orange County, California


Cremation has witnessed a rising preference among individuals planning their end-of-life arrangements in Orange County, California. With its numerous advantages, encompassing cost-effectiveness and flexibility, it’s no surprise that more families are gravitating toward cremation as a favorable alternative to traditional burial. In this comprehensive guide, we will navigate through a wealth of insights regarding cremation […]

How Much Does a Funeral Cost in California?: Exploring Costs

How-Much-Does-a-Funeral-Cost-in-California (1)

In times of grief, organizing a funeral can pose a significant challenge, both emotionally and financially. If you happen to be in California, specifically Los Angeles, you might ask, “how much is a funeral in California?” In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of expenses associated with funerals in the Golden State, […]

Why Are My Death Certificates Taking So Long?

Death certificates are magic pieces of $21 paper. They contain data about your loved one’s life and death and are used to unlock many a bureaucratic door (bank accounts, life insurance, cell phones, retirement accounts, etc.) After someone dies, you may want to start slogging through the bureaucracy right away, and are wondering just where […]