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About Clarity Funerals & Cremation

Clarity Funerals & Cremation is a Southern California-based compassionate family-owned funeral home dedicated to offering dignified and tailored end-of-life services. We specialize in easing the emotional and administrative responsibilities associated with grief by providing a variety of respectful and environmentally conscientious funeral options. Simple cremation, contemporary life celebrations, natural burials, and Terramation are among the options we provide, all with transparency and affordability. We are deeply connected to our community as a local business, and we are committed to environmentally conscious practices, ensuring that our operations contribute to a better future. Clarity Funerals & Cremation is more than just a service provider; we are grief partners committed to assisting families in commemorating their loved ones with respect and dignity.

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What Drives Us

Our Values

Death is not only an emotional time , it can also be a bureaucratic time. Our job at Clarity is to remove those hurdles and barriers, freeing your family to focus on your grieving process. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide compassion and comfort to families from every culture. Clarity mixes old school, community centered values, with the best technology available, allowing us to provide care and clarity when you need it the most.

What We Stand For

We called our funeral home Clarity because the name captures what we offer– clear, straightforward options with transparent, affordable pricing. We never want you to feel like you’re being sold something you don’t want or need in your time of grief. This is a new type of funeral service, a collaboration between your family and our funeral professionals. We are here to guide and empower you, not speak over your needs and desires.

Sustainability Pledge

Clarity is locally owned and staffed by professionals with years of experience in the Southern California funeral industry. We love our community, and want to see it survive and thrive for generations to come. That’s why we are committed to green and sustainable practices, including natural burials, Terramation, organic shrouds and caskets, and low impact viewings.

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What Sets Us Apart

Clarity Funerals & Cremation distinguishes itself with a focus on family-centered care and a unique approach to eco-friendly funeral services. We offer flexible service options, accommodating arrangements online, over the phone, or in-person, assuring ease and comfort for families we serve. Terramation and natural burials, two of our most recent service offerings, demonstrate our dedication to environmental responsibility. These sustainable choices allow families to commemorate the lives of their loved ones while remaining environmentally mindful. Clarity Funerals & Cremation is in the forefront of providing impactful, earth-friendly funeral solutions by combining empathic, individualized care with forward-thinking, sustainable practices.

Family-Centric Care

Flexible Arrangement Options

Commitment to Sustainability

A Future-Focused Approach

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Feel free to ask any questions you might have – we’re here to help however we can. Our goal is to simplify your life and promote healing, and the best way to achieve that is through open communication. Remember, you can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you’re simply intrigued by what we do, there are numerous avenues to discover our community activities.

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