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A top-rated family-owned and operated funeral home in Southern California with affordable, upfront pricing along with personalized service and easy arrangements. Providing Cremation, Terramation, and burial services to Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside County.

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Clarity Funerals & Cremation is a compassionate, family owned and operated, community-centered funeral home that seeks to alleviate the emotional and bureaucratic challenges families face during times of loss. Our mission is to provide support while freeing you from unnecessary burdens and allowing you to focus on your own grieving. With a commitment to transparency and affordability, we offer clear and straightforward options, ensuring you feel supported and empowered in making decisions that reflect your wishes. We are proud to serve families from all cultures, providing care and comfort during their time of need. Additionally, as a locally and family-owned business, we are deeply invested in the Southern California community. Our sustainability pledge reflects our dedication to environmentally conscious practices, including natural burials and low-impact viewings, contributing to a greener future for generations to come.

clarity funerals and cremation team
clarity funerals and cremation team

Our Process | Clarity Funerals & Cremation

Learn More About Our Process

Step 1: Arrange and Collect

The moment arrangements are finalized, we swiftly assume the responsibility of caring for your loved one.

  • 1-3 days
Step 2: Registration

We initiate the process of cremation, burial, or Terramation by officially recording your loved one's passing with both the county and state authorities.

  • 4-7 days
Step 3: Cremation, Burial, Or Terramation

We carry out a respectful and intimate cremation at our privately owned crematory, ensuring the dignity of the process. Alternatively, we facilitate burials at the cemetery of your preference. Furthermore, our dedicated team offers Terramation services through Return Home.

  • 8-10 days
Step 4: Return Cremated Remains

We personally return cremated remains of your loved one at either our offices in Los Angeles or Orange County. We provide the option for in-person delivery, or if you prefer, we can also ship the cremated remains using USPS Priority Mail Express.

  • 11-15 days
Step 5: Death Certificates

We initiate the process of obtaining the death certificates from the county where your beloved family member passed away. After the application is handled by the Health Department, the Death Certificates are promptly sent to your address.

  • 2-3 Weeks

Our Purpose | Clarity Funerals & Cremation

A Caring, Locally and Family-Owned Funeral Home

What sets us apart is our immense focus on family-centric care and our dedication to fostering a more sustainable service offering. We provide you with the flexibility to arrange services in the manner that best suits you, whether that’s online, over the phone, or in person. Moreover, as part of our deepening commitment to sustainability, we’ve expanded our offerings to include services like Terramation and green burial. These additions empower families with the choice to embrace a more ecologically mindful path toward the future, according to their preferences.

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Easily & Conveniently Make Your Arrangements Online

No matter where you are located, arranging a meaningful and customized funeral has been made simple. Through our secure and easy to use online platform, you can effortlessly make all the necessary funeral arrangements in a single convenient online platform.

View our wide array of urns, caskets, and services, ensuring you discover the ideal choice for your loved one’s farewell.

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Feel free to ask any questions you might have – we’re here to help however we can. Our goal is to simplify your life and promote healing, and the best way to achieve that is through open communication. Remember, you can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you’re simply intrigued by what we do, there are numerous avenues to discover our community activities.

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